Drift Velocity Closing Reception

and Art Murmur's After-Party

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Isolation, disembodiment, and journey are the subjects of the light and sound based installation co-designed by Lobot Gallery's Artist-in-Residence Rhea Cutillo and Bay Area artist Daniel McAnulty. Drift Velocity pairs technology with Cutillo's Exit Series: ominous 8' x 11' oil paintings of vast worlds with forever unreachable horizon lines.

Lobot invites you to enter a new dimension created in their 10,000 sq. ft. gallery. An infinitely confined future dreamscape; one may experience a sense of disembodiment and drift on an exploration through their own psyche.

Drift Velocity will have it's closing reception on Friday, February 1st, from 6-9pm, during Oakland's Art Murmur. Fresh ginger hot toddies will be served. Limited edition prints and posters.

From 9-3am LoBot will hold an Art Murmur Dance Party featuring WAKE live (Proximal Records), and DJ Sets by Max Power, Nonamoan, Castle Man. 

About the Exhibtion:

The term 'Drift Velocity' describes the collective movement of electrons through a conductor in an electric field - each electron describing its own path through the field as it jumps from atom to atom.  The vertical lines of the hanging lamps create a visual movement down from the top of the gallery space meant to complement the outward direction of the landscapes of Exit Series.  The immersive nature of the installation permits the audience to stand inside of the piece while gazing out onto the other possible worlds radiating out from the walls of the gallery.

Exit Series by Rhea Cutillo is a focus on horizon lines. The kind that are not cut off by buildings or trees, but go on only as far as the eye can see and are essentially unreachable. Meant to be expansions of space into different worlds, or different paths one can choose from, the paintings lead to a destination that will always be unattainable. The origin for the series of paintings comes from a personal crossroads, seeming that all choices for the future are infinite, but none feel possible. This series plays on the sense of limited vs limitless.

About the Artists:

Dan McAnulty is an Oakland-based tech and media artist with an MFA from Mills College.  His artwork focuses primarily on the notion of taking elements from the world around us which might be otherwise hidden and translating them into forms that can be physically experienced over time.

Rhea Cutillo is a multimedia artist and a graduate of Mills College in Oakland, CA. She is interested in epistemic existence, both in the physical and immaterial realms, and aims to create immersive environments, often slightly fantastical or surreal. She is inspired by the unknown and the idea of freedom, and is often moved by textural elements. 

About the space:

Lobot Gallery is a nonprofit art gallery, music venue and studio space prominent in the Oakland arts community. Founded by Adam Hatch (Hatch Gallery) in 2003, national and international contemporary artists have exhibited in the 10,000 sq. ft. gallery.

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